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Kind Words

"Travis and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a wonderful engagement session, and even better photos. We were nervous due to this being our first professional photography session; however, you immediately set us at ease with your fun, easygoing spirit. Leaving Vegas and going up North to take our photos was not only the right decision, but the perfect one. Thank you for giving us wonderful memories that we can look upon for the rest of our lives."~Travis and April

"Bridget all I can say is THANK YOU! After going through all of the photos I still cannot pick a favorite, I absolutly love everyone one of them. My family is so happy we picked you to be our forever photographer I loved how well my kids responded to you and how comfortable you made us, you fit perfectly in our family. We shared many laughs and I am looking forward to out next photo shoot in the near future."~The Payne Family

"Bridget here is a HUGE THANK YOU for all the wonderful wedding photos!!! There are so many good ones, I cant decide which are my favorite. I am soooo happy and thankful you were there to share our special day and to capture all the moments you did! You made a HUGE impact on all our guests! You should be very proud of yourself, the wonderful work you do and all the little things you leave with everyone you meet. You are one amazing photographer and friend!"~Dena Nordman (bride)

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I am pretty sure I teared up a few times while looking through our disc!!! You make the kind of pictures that dreams are made of and these images are everything I wanted them to be and so much more!!! I have always loved those pictures you could look at and almost completely tell what a person or family is like, that through an image you can almost see how much they love each other. You have done that for us. These images are beautiful and I am so grateful to you!!!"~The Manning Family

"Got our pictures today....I absolutely LOVE them! I have never been so happy with family pictures before and every one of them is amazingly beautiful!!! Definitely found our family photographer and can't wait to do them again next year! You are the best!"~The Sandoval Family

"I just got a Gorgeous package in the mail which included a disc of our pictures. Bridget I am at a loss for words.....I love each and every single picture and you are an amazing and extremely talented photographer! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"~The Jackson Family

"Bridget, if I'd known they would have turned out anywhere near this amazing, I'd have camped out on your doorstep. And I'm only 18 pictures in!!! I just had to stop and tell you that these are the most amazing pictures ever and I am SO SO SO SO HAPPY!!!!! Thank you so much, from the very bottom of my heart!"~The Armstrong Family

"Thank you so much Bridget! I really appreciate how patient you were with our little monster!" ~The Broderson Family

"Wow!! Just got our pics in the mail, you did such a great job! Thank you SO much for capturing such a special time in our lives :) They turned out fantastic!!"~The Frazier Family

"I can hardly wait to see the rest of the pictures. You outdid yourself and I am so excited. They are beautiful. Thank you so much!"~Marlene McVay (mother of a high school senior)